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The Boyne River Keepers Team


Chris Larsen


Chris Larsen is an award winning Manitoba Métis artist and art therapist who lives along the Boyne River, once known as the Rivière aux Îlets de Bois. It is the homeland of her Métis ancestors and it was from along this river, with the help of the Canadian Government, that her ancestors were removed by white settlers.


Embedded into her soul is the land, water and forest. Conserving the natural environment has always been a compelling mission, as has sharing her love of art and nature through workshops and retreats at her River's Edge Studio.

Nikki Falk


Nikki grew up in a local farming family and through agriculture has developed a keen interest in water stewardship. She loves kayaking along the Boyne and researching the natural history of the river.

As one of the founding members of the Boyne River Keepers, her goal is to help build a strong community of river keepers to protect the Boyne River and it’s watershed for generations to come.

Kathleen Anderson

Past Chair

Kathleen moved to Carman, along with her husband, upon her retirement in 2012. She was happy to find two further community members who wanted to begin conservation and recreation work along the Boyne River. Since then she has continued to pour energy into work along the banks as well as walking, and kayaking the river.

She is also a committed trail rider and maintains her own trails along the river ouside of town. Her vision for the Boyne includes continuing the same effort beyond town limits, as possibilities develop.

Val Tournier


Val moved back to Carman in 2013. She has always been very active in the community and loves to volunteer her time.

For a long time, she tried to figure out how the Boyne River could be cleaned up and looked after properly. To her amazement, she found a group of citizens with the same goals and she was happy to join their group!

Kelly Seward


Kelly has deep roots in Carman with many relatives and friends at every corner so it seems. She recently moved to Carman and was fortunate to have connected with the Boyne River Keepers.

She feels a common bond in the goals and vision of the group and hopefully adds her own strengths to its success. Kayaking and the water are important to her as well as the newfound friendships and a new focus for her energy.



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Gerry Aubin


Tracy moved to Carman in 1991 after growing up on a farm near Elm Creek. In 2007 Tracy was lucky enough to buy a property along the Boyne River. 

She loves her little oasis and has spent many hours on the river playing hockey with her nieces and nephews, boating, fishing or just sitting on the dock. She plans to spend many more years in Carman working with committee and looks forward to the future plans of Boyne River Keepers.

Tracy Enns


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Trish Middleton


Stacy feels most at home in nature and on the water. And she loves to share her love with her family and friends.  Whether it’s SUPing, kayaking, canoeing, camping or hiking, she believes we can cultivate healthier relationships with each other and our environment through conservation, education, and recreation.

Stacy O'Connor


Edwin joined the Boyne River Keepers group as he had been canoeing with the Carman Boy Scouts for over 35 years on many rivers in Manitoba. They would use the Boyne River to practice canoeing skills before going on 2-4 day canoe trips. Edwin has enjoyed working with the group cleaning and improving the river for the enjoyment of everyone young & old.

Edwin Pritchard


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Lannie Pritchard


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Dale Reimer

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